The Higher Consciousness is more than a DJ collective. We are a group of friends who have been bought together by the great bass vibrations of the cosmos. United as one to nice up the dance.  

Composed of some of London's finest DJ's, Producers, Sound Engineers, Musicians, Live Performers, Visual Display Artists, Graphic Designers and Organisers. We aim to provide the tunes that will make your flowers bloom. Our soundsystem will shake you while the DJ's entrance you with the finest tunes from the finest genres. 

The Higher Consciousness Soundsystem is a project in the works. We currently have 4 Scoops 2 kicks and 2 boxes with 2 mid-range, 2 tweets and a horn, in each. Emitting 10,000W. We are in the process of building another stack to add to the rig to hopefully double its power.